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Trial Bar of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois

Let's face it. There are too many lawyers. Too many firms. Too many choices. What separates one lawyer from another? How can a client be sure they are hiring the right attorney for their specific matter? Retaining a lawyer is a seriously daunting task.  It can be overwhelming, frustrating, and downright unpleasant.

My office aims to fix that.

First, I have a niche practice which allows me to immediately inform the client if we're a good fit or not. If we are, great. If not, I can offer a list of quality referrals for the area of law they may need. Meaning, my office accepts limited matters in select areas of law. Limited acceptance means maximum attention to current clients. I do not divide my attention among too many files. I will not let a client "slip through the cracks." It's a better way to do business.

Second, I enjoy the law. I don't always enjoy lawyers, but I love the law. My practice reflects my passion. I only focus and study areas of law that interest and engage me. Practicing what I enjoy allows for better advocacy. I want to sit down and talk about legal issues with the client. I want to explain new case law relevant to a client's claim or issue.

Third, I keep the client's goals front and center. Often, attorneys see litigation as a battle or a game of egos. Instead, my office sees litigation as an avenue to achieve practical solutions for practical people.

If you're facing a legal dilemma or you're overwhelmed about a legal issue, I welcome the opportunity to sit down with you and talk through your options. You may call me directly: 847-272-8481.